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Welcome to the Mako Storm unofficial web site.

I recently purchased a Mako Storm trigger for a Spyder . I was surprised by the minimal documentation and the lack of resources on the net. Therefore, I decided to create this website . I realize it's very crude, but hopefully you will find it helpful.
The Mako Storm appears to be almost identical to the Boo-Yaah. It's my understanding that Boo-Yaah is out of business , but Mako was the manufacturer and is now marketing the trigger under the Mako Storm name.
First Impressions
The trigger frame itself is aluminum and nicely finished. The grip covers are hard plastic and the feel is somewhat boxy. If you have small hands you may find it uncomfortable. There are aftermarket rubber grips (see feedback). Also , I'm not crazy about the placement of the bottom grip screw. The frame is too thin in that area and the threads become easily stripped.The trigger frame does come with a battery ,but not a charger. The frame does have a charger plug on the back. The frame will operate on a standard 9v battery , but will operate longer and more effectively with a 9.6v rechargeable battery. The 9.6v battery , car charger , and wall charger are available at various paintball web sites. Supposedly, you can get 3000 to 8000 shots out of a standard 9v battery ( I doubt it,see feedback on Links page ).The operation of the trigger is straightforward . There are two buttons on the back of the trigger frame, which are used to set the firing mode and balls per second. There is also a shot counter and a timer. The LCD window tells you what mode you are in.

The basic features of the gun include:
* 2-12 shot burst mode
* semi auto mode
* full auto mode
* turbo mode
* tournament lock
* LCD display
* machined aluminum frame
* adjustable trigger stroke
* countdown/up timer
* shot counter
* 5-15 ball-per-second programmability.

The frame comes with various shims to adjust the position of the solenoid . The documentation in the manual is pretty sparse. Basically, the closer the solenoid is to trigger the more efficient it is ( less battery drain). However , if you move it too far forward it will depress the sear until it no longer catches the hammer bolt ( striker bolt). Try gradually moving it forward. Don't remove the adhesive liner on the shims until you have the solenoid where you want it.

Getting Help
Mako does not have a web site, but can be contacted at; Mako Paintball Products, 1041 N. Dupage Ave., Lombard Il 60148 . Phone: 630 705-9293, Fax: 630 576-5064( contact @ Mako is Kimberly Skotty).
I've heard they are very helpful with inquiries.I've included some links I've found as well as a copy of the manual. I hope some of this info. is helpful. If anyone has any additional info. or useful links let me know.***** UPDATE - MAKO IS OUT OF BUSINESS. WWW.BFGPAINTBALL.COM HAS SOME SPARE PARTS AND WILL DO SOME WORK ***

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